Organic Sultan Raisin


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Treat yourself to a delicious and healthy snack with Organic Fields Organic Sultana Raisin. Our raisin are obtained via natural sun-drying process to draw out the moisture , therefore natural sugars are concentrated and preserve all its natural flavours. The 300gm resealable pouch is the perfect treat to bring with you on your next adventure, running errands, packing school lunches, or just a stroll through the park – enjoy natural nutrient in every bites! Ingredients Organic Sultana Raisin

✅ 100% Organic Raisins from Turkey

✅ Non-GMO

✅ No preservative

✅ No sugar added

✅ Natural Sweetness From Fruit

✅ Highly nutritious and delicious

✅ Freshly imported and packed

✅ Packed in high quality air-tight pouch

📦 Storage Suggestion: – Please store in cool and dry place at room temperature. – Avoid expose products to direct heat and sunlight. – To prevent oxidation and to retain freshness, kindly ensure the products are sealed properly.

❗ Expiry / Best before – Minimum 6 months expiry –

Rest assure that all goods are fast moving, and we give the freshest goods possible Certification Packed in KKM MeSTI certified clean facility.

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