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Laundry Detergent 1Litre


1 litre

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ORGANIC FIELDS Laundry Detergent is plant-based biodegradable formula that clean all smelly clothes odours and stains effectively. Super cleaning power, low foam, cold wash, fast rinse, save water and energy.

  • Safe for kid clothes and lady underwear with no harsh chemical residues, non-corrosive, gentle on hands and skin – is about to change the way you imagine clean!
  • We source renewable plant-based ingredients, and recyclable packaging material with sustainability and quantity for all. We are proud to list our ingredients right on our packaging, as we believe in transparency for ingredient disclosure

APPLICATION: All kinds of clothing fabric, children clothes, lingerie

CONTENTAlkyl poly glucoside, methyl ester sulphonate, potassium, cocoate, sodium chloride, refreshing orange natural fragrance

TARGET: Stain, grease, mildew, bacteria, blood, sauce dirt


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