Dishwash Liquid 600ml



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Dishwash liquid is a plant-based biodegradable grease-fighting liquid that gets the job done at dish time. Feel great with our rigorously tested formula that is designed to be gentle on your hand as well as on our planet’s water after it goes down the drain.

It works perfectly well for deep cleaning to sanitize and dissolve oil and grease fast. Sparkling clean, streak free after rinse. Eliminate all filthy and moldy smells, free of fusty odours on cleaning cloth or sponge.

Water base, Fragrance Free, Solvent free, Chlorine free, Non-corrisive, Residue free, No Cross contamination

  • We source renewable plant-based ingredients, and recyclable packaging material with sustainability and quantity for all. We are proud to list our ingredients right on our packaging, as we believe you have a right to know what’s in the products you use in your home

APPLICATION: Dishes, cup, kitchen utensil, rag, sponge, scouring pad, cutting board

INGREDIENTS: Sugar base non-ionic surfactant, palm derived surfactant, sodium citrate, coconut derived soap.

TARGET: Oil, grease, food waste, stain, greasy odour, smelly dirt

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