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It was in 2007, when we were back at our hometown in Perak, my father saw how his elder brother, who had succumbed to the excessive usage of chemicals/pesticides on the fruit trees such as durian, langsat, lime, etc. It had cost my uncle being paralyzed at the lower body ever since. Moving around and visiting the bathrooms had never been the same, having my aunt to carry him around at the early stage.

Doctor said that he was lucky from the excessive chemical exposure through breathing and skin contact. Most of the farmers had passed away already!

You see.. the dosage and the content of the chemicals itself is so deadly it would penetrate the skin. Imagine how it penetrates the fruits and vegetables? Even the pests were smart, as they don’t even take a bite at the leaves, but we consume the vegetables every single day in our meals!

That’s when my father realized the importance of health and to educate the community, and started an organic farm to promote healthy, pesticide-free, chemical-free, and GMO-free vegetables and fruits.

In support of his effort and positive energy, we continue to lead on by example. To inspire the lives of thousands of families through the awareness of the importance of health and sustainable food sources.

We mainly offer the ultimate flexibility for consumers choices, among our farms’ weekly fresh harvests. Imagine walking into a virtual farm or grocery store, and handpicking your favourite organic vegetables and fruits!

Offering delivery services to families across the whole of Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, and up to Seremban, we look forward to further raising and excites your consumer experience with us.

Enhancing the life’s of thousands of families through health awareness, by adding value and make healthy food source easily accessible through technology.

We are passionate in enhancing people’s life, by providing alternative and healthy food sources that every family loves and always been looking for.

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