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Ordering Guide

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Coverage Areas

Coverage Areas
Delivery Days

Ordering Period

Wednesday Delivery
Saturday Delivery
Start order every Friday 6pm – Sunday 12 noon close order
Start order every Monday 6pm – Wednesday 12 noon close order

Step by Step Ordering Guide

Step 1: Browse either the “Vegetables”, “Fruits”, or "Specialties" page.

Step 2: Select the items your wish to purchase by clicking the "Add To Cart" button on each item. Or you can click the product to view more details.

Step 3: Click the "Cart" icon will popup a side bar that shows your selected products. You may select "View Cart" to view your cart or "Checkout" for direct purchase.

Step 4: By selecting the product, you will be redirected to the single product page where more details will be shown.

Step 5: On the cart page, you will notice all your items that you have added. You can remove the item and increase/decrease the quantity for each product.

- At the top message where you can click "Register Now" button to become a member and of course it is FREE. Becoming a member will gain benefits like earning points when purchasing our products. You can redeem the points you earned and get a discount on your future purchase.
- You may insert your shipping details to see whether your area is in our delivery coverage. Also, the delivery fee may be different in some areas.

Click "Proceed to Checkout" button when you have confirmed everything.

Step 6: On the checkout page, you can click "Click here to login" link to login if you're an existing member. Please insert all your billing details and make sure they are accurate.
If you are a guest, you can create a FREE account by clicking the checkbox. You will be notified through your email. An account will be automatically created for you and you will need to create a new password for your new account. All instructions can be found on the email.
At the special requests / alternative products section, you can put down any requests regarding the products you purchase or name any alternative products just in case the product you selected is out of stock on our physical store.

Step 7: You can see your products here. Please choose either "Delivery" that we will deliver the products to your home or "Local Pickup" that you will self-pick up from our store.
Once all done, just simply click "PLACE ORDER" button.

Step 8: After checkout page, you will be redirected to Thank You page. Here you can make payment with us by using an e-wallet or bank in transfer.

Step 9: Here are your order details and billing address.

How top up account funds

Step 1: Search for Top Up button. Click the button and it will popup a top-up account fund lists.

Step 2: Choose your top up account funds.

Step 3: Once selected, click "Add to cart" button to proceed.

Step 4: On the checkout page, please fill in all your details and click "Place Order" button to proceed with the payment. Just follow the payment instructions to complete your purchase. Once we confirmed your payment, you will receive your top up credit.

Step 5: To view your top up credit. Go to "My account" page and select "Account Funds".

Table of Contents

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