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Are you facing these problems?

Not able to select your own vegetables & fruits?

Waste a lot of time at traffic, finding parking, and queuing just to get supplies?

Often find the produce is not always fresh?

Looking for more varieties of vegetables & fruits?

Discover a brand new way to customize your own organic vegetables & fruits bag!

You can now choose amongst the freshest produce available from our weekly harvest list, even at any portion sizes that you like!

How do we do it?

In order to achieve such flexibility, we use a “Points System” for your weekly selections. Each vegetable and fruit are represented with different points value. You can choose freely with the available points from the plan that you subscribed to. (Just imagine it works like a prepaid card system)

Organic Vegetables Delivery Plans in Klang Valley












Total Portions
Include Free Delivery

Up to 40 portions

(688 points)

4 times

(112 points)

Up to 50 portions

(888 points)

4 times

(112 points)

Up to 75 portions

(1288 points)

4 times

(112 points)

Up to 175 portions

(3108 points)

14 times

(392 points)

Up to 500 portions

(8880 points)

40 times

(1120 points)

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Free Vege

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Free Vege &
+30 points

Every 600 points used

Surprise gift
& +100 points