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Organic Vegetables and Fruits

Organic Vegetables and Fruits

Welcome to Epoch Organics!

We mainly offer the flexibility for consumers choices, among our farms’ weekly fresh harvests. Imagine walking into a virtual farm or grocery store, and handpicking your favourite organic vegetables and fruits!

Not only that we believe in serving you with our fresh, healthy, yet affordable produce, but we also supports the cause for environment-friendly packaging.

We are offering delivery services across Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, and up to Seremban. We look forward to further raising and excites your consumer experience with us!

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Our Members Testimonials

Yee Meng, Shah Alam, Selangor edited
Yee Meng
Epoch Organics is heaven sent! Epoch Organics helps me save travel time, car fuel, face masks, temperature checks, checking ins, finding and selecting, lining up, paying, sanitising and all the various hassles during these restrictive times.
What’s more, with a wide selection of vegetables to choose, ranging from familiar locals to the more exotic, the variety of dishes from my kitchen is unlimited.
I consider myself a half expert in the Japanese language now that I have increased my vocabulary with such exotic sounding greens like Yacon, Semposai and Misome.
Epoch Organics are also driven by sustainable cause as the packing reuses recycled bags and the greens are wrapped in paper, not plastics and are carefully selected, packaged neatly before delivered right to your doorstep in a timely manner. Never have I been more anxious in anticipating my next round of fresh deliveries, with the blue recycle bag at hand ready for another round of exchange.
The greens are hygienic, wholesome and more importantly, organic. So organic in fact, I would in occasions, catch some stowaway snails nipping at my greens. This kind of quality assurance puts me in a peace of mind when I concoct and dish out my green ‘masterpieces’ on the table for my dear family.
Shah Alam, Selangor
Karen, Petaling Jaya, Selangor edited
Karen Lim
GREAT JOB EPOCH! Thumbs up! 10/10 points. 1. Super Reliable. If your vege is unavailable, they will inform you for replacement. 2.Super Flexible points ordering system. 3. Super Easy to select vege from list with availability. 4. Good customer service, listens and replies to everything. 5. Fresh veges. 6. Large selection veges. 7. Everything is wrap up neatly n nicely. 8. Prompt delivery, only early never late. 9. Organic vege. It gives you peace of mind while eating veges. 10. Convenient as it delivers your door step. Don't need to be worried by getting veges your family won't consume and end up wastage. They will make you feel like part of the family and they will remember your favourites!! The rain, the sun, you will never need to worry you have no vege. You can count on them, they will never let you down. MCO/RMCO, any CO..they got you covered!!
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Shila Devi, Dutamas, KL edited
Shila Devi
Epoch supplies vegetables that are really fresh. I used to buy organic vegetables from supermarkets but there is a vast difference in the freshness of Epoch & the supermarkets. Epoch vegetables are so fresh, green & crisp when cooked. Epoch is also very responsive & keeps me updated with fresh harvest constantly. I would definitely recommend Epoch to anyone who wants fresh vegetables & fruits. Tq Epoch!
Dutamas, KL
Eileen_-Subang-Jaya_-Selangor edited
I’ve been a customer of Epoch for almost 2 years. I like how they have expanded the varieties of vegetables and innovated on the ordering system. Simple yet totally make sense. They have also gone out of their way to accommodate my occasional odd requests - service rating at 5/5 stars !!
Subang Jaya, Selangor
Vivien Chong, Cheras, Selangor edited
Vivien Chong
Subscribed to Epoch for few months now. Great Service! Awesome organic veggies I can ensure my family is getting the best nutrients, eating with peace of mind. MCO or not, I can be assured of my weekly veggies supply. Ordering is easy, with flexible plan to accommodates to our weekly needs.
The Epoch community is a great family where we can learn from each other about cooking tips, even encouraging one another throughout the MCO period. Love them.
Cheras, Selangor
Chetna, Ampang, KL edited
I have been ordering organic vegetables and fruits from Epoch organic for the past five months. I am very satisfied with the organic produce as it is very fresh. The service provided is also very good. I would recommend Epoch organic to anyone who wants reliable and reasonably priced organic vegetables and fruits.
Ampang, KL
Sandy Goh, Puchong, Selangor edited
Sandy Goh
I’ve never been an “organic” person until the day I had to source for broccoli for my little girl. It was hard trying to get organic broccoli as I had to go to the store to buy in the midst of a pandemic. Thank goodness I found Epoch and started ordering from them since MCO. I never had to crack my head on where to get veges. Everything’s delivered to my doorstep and I’m grateful. The veges are freshly picked upon order. Overall, I’m a satisfied customer and many thanks to the Epoch team for their great service and great veges.
Puchong, Selangor
Sharon Tan, Sungai Besi, KL edited
Sharon Tan
Having kids, I always wanted to give the best to my family. with Epoch, I am assured. they provide variety of fresh vegetables (most important it's organic) 😋 and often patiently answering our questions when we needed help. thanks for working so hard for us too
Sungai Besi, KL
Asha, Petaling Jaya, Selangor edited
I’ve been getting vegetables from Epoch Organics since the beginning of MCO. At that point it was nearly impossible for me to find vegetable supply with delivery for my father, I was trying many sources and was declined. My friend recommended me to ask Epoch and I was so relieved that they were willing to accept my order despite being overwhelmed with existing orders. So here’s a short summary why I am continuing with them:-

1. Excellent service - yes they are an awesome friendly couple who constantly follow up and send reminders (I honestly need this). Very accommodating too
2. Easy ordering system - just have to tick which veggies/fruits you need on google sheet
3. Veggies and fruits received are fresh, lasts long and good. Overall using Epoch has been convenient and am happy knowing that my father is eating healthy organic veggies.
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Grace Chua, Setapak, KL edited
Grace Chua
I like the friendly services & the fresh vege. Interesting concept by using points so I can choose the vege that I want instead of receiving bundle (without option to choose) . Adrian did a great job in recommending & is very responsive online. Although there are hiccups in some of my orders, but I received quick respond to my complaint. Good to see that you have increase the variety of the vege.
Setapak, KL

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